Lost and Found in Traducture


Lost and Found in Traducture

This event has concluded.

The colloquium was aimed at creating an intercultural dialogue on the dynamics of translation and traducture as a lever for multiple knowledge management (in IKM in relation to international development practice. The notion traducture is based on the assumption that translation takes place in complex contexts in the source and target cultures and its invisibility impacts on development practice, knowledge itself, intercultural dialogue and social justice. We will explore the intercultural space where traducteurs are key players in local, national and international arenas driving the knowledge management processes. The colloquium brought together participants from interdisciplinary backgrounds to share insights and experiences through a range of artefacts, tools and methodologies. The colloquium highlighted insights gained from Northern, Diaspora and Southern knowledge management practices and their intersections or lack of it. The anticipated outcome of the colloquium was to enhance knowledge development, management and capacity building and strengthen policy and communities of practice to improve international development.



Featuring H.E. Am. Ana Maria Sampaio, Andrine Pollen, Amrit Wilson,  Belinda Calguas, Beth Maina Ahlberg, Cesar da Luz , Charles Dhewa, Charles Umelo, Chatura Halwalthura, Daniel Guijarro, Dede Amanor- Wilks, Diego Carlos, Eva Hoffman, Feston Kalua, Amanda Hopkinson,  Firinne Ni Chreachin, Gail Chester, Geeta Dharmarajan, Raju Dharmarajan, Ghirmai Negash, Gwyneth Sutherlin, James Currey, Kingo Mchombu, Margaret Kassam,  Mbulelo Mzamane, Michael Ambatchew, Michael David, Mike Powell, Mpalive Msiska, Nadia Kerecuk, Nathan Edward Richard, Alistair Niven, Nigel Watts, Olu Alake, Onyekachi Wambu, Peter Thompson, Raimi Gbadamosi, Ros Schwartz, Ruth Chigwada-Bailey, Sarah Cummings,  Simon Gikandi, Sona Jobarteh, Tomi Adeaga,  Wambui Njau, Matilya Njau and Wangui wa Goro.


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