Memory and Re-Membering


Memory and Re-Membering

This event has concluded.

This year, our annual symposium aims to explore the place of translation in the contested spaces of memory and re-membering, and its impact on society.  We look into the meaning of ‘the African body’ across time and space, and into the place of literature in cross-cultural scholarship, writing, reading, translation, publishing and performance.

The symposium is curated by Wangui wa Goro and Bekisizwe Goro of Sidensi in partnership with the Royal Africa Society, with support from Afrikult (Marcelle Akita, Henry Brefo & Zaahida Mariam Nalumoso) and Birkbeck College, the Igbo Conference & AFFORD.



Featuring Veronique Tadjo, Kama Sywor Kamanda, Abdilatif Abdalla, Roland Glasser, Ida Hadjivayani and others.



Wangui wa Goro and Bek Wa Goro


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