Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New


Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New

This event has concluded.

A three-panel symposium curated by acclaimed translator Wangui wa Goro reflecting on translation and its importance for knowledge management in Africa. Following Sidensi’s memorable and successful colloquium Lost and Found in Traducture at Cumberland Lodge in 2011,  and by popular demand, a half day session was held in conjunction with the Royal Africa Society, the Africa Writes Festival which is part of the RAS events and  included some participants from the 2011 Colloquim as well as new participants.

The aim was to to further continue to focus on deep(er) meaning and sense-making and intercultural dialogue through translation and traducture under the theme:Africa in Translation: Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New.

This event was held in London on Friday the 5th July 2013 at the the British Library. Although Africa Writes is a festival on “writing”, we were keen to hear from readers, scholars, academics, researchers, viewers and listeners, on how the written word, and the literary word interacts with real life and different expressive forms and genres (sculpture, ceramics, drama, music, story telling, oral narrative, drumming, carnival, media, digital arts, and audio/ visual art forms etc.) for Africa and Africans, and particularly how this shapes Africa, and perceptions of Africa’s development.  We drew from examples from any part of the world and their impact.



Featuring Ghirmi Negash, Magdalene Odundo, Ros Schwartz, Hannah Pool, Delia Jarret-McCauley, Mohammed Bakari, Tomi Adeaga, Wangui wa Goro, Mpalive Msiska, Charles Umelo, Gwyneth Sutherlin, and Christelle Kedi.



Wangui wa Goro and Bek Wa Goro


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