What’s Love Got to Do With It?


What’s Love Got to Do With It?

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The annual symposium, Africa in Translation, is curated by Wangui wa Goro of Sidensi in partnership with the Royal Africa Society and the British Library with support from Afrikult, AFFORD, Birkbeck College, (University of London), Ankara Press and the Igbo Conference (SOAS). Held on the 3rd July 2015 at 10.00 a.m. at the British Library, it aims to dispel myths about Africans, and how love and romance travel across cultures and the impact of translation and influences in contemporary literature. Many myths, realities and constructs of love abound from ‘Africans do not have romance’ to ‘Africans don’t kiss’. Of course it is not as simple as that!  We therefore explore the limits and possibilities when translating creative narratives and cultures across time and space, including virtual space, orature, music, film and multimedia.  Should one aim to find the mot juste or reach for poetic licence? Do narratives and narrative modes call for nuanced and sensitive ways of expression across cultures especially in a digitalised world?  We explore the various modes, means and cargoes of narrative and the impact of translation and its cross-cultural constructs of love. We take Ankara Press’s ground-breaking Valentine’s Day Anthology of African Romance (free download available here: http://www.ankarapress.com/pages/valentine-anthology) as a starting point for our discussions. Digitally launched by the new romance imprint on Valentine’s Day 2015, all of the short stories in the anthology were translated into languages associated with the African writers. The symposium brings together writers, publishers, readers, artists, filmmakers, translators, critics and scholars.



Featuring Nwando Achebe, Africult (Marcelle Akita, Henry Brefo and Zaahida Mariam Nalumoso), Phoebe Boswell, Audrey Brown, Louisa Egbunike, Chege Githiora, Henriette Gunkel, Jessica Horn, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Billy Kahora, Kara Keeling, Chioma Yvonne Mbanefo, Mpalive Msiska, Yvonka Perdigao Paquete, Peggy Piesche, Emma Shercliff, Tomi Adeaga and Wangui wa Goro and others.



Wangui wa Goro and Bek Wa Goro


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